Chris Reilly – Trench (Syracuse, NY)

I dropped off 3 guitars to Pat(2 Jazzmasters and 1 Stratocaster). Unlike set-up I’ve had in the past he asked me extensively about my playing style and preferences, and made suggestions that would better suit me. He turned them around very quickly, even after doing a total rewire and pickup change on one of the Jazzmasters. All the instruments came back playing and looking absolutely beautiful. I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend his services to any musician looking for a skilled and reliable guitar tech!


Benjamin Walsh – Tigers Jaw (Philadelphia, PA)

Pat is a tone wizard who will show your guitar the same amount of care and attention as any of his own. He is constantly determined to get a guitar sounding and playing the best it possibly can. My guitars always play so smoothly and comfortably when he sets them up. He has also swapped out pickups on a few of my guitars, and always has great recommendations for getting the tones I want.

Ryan Hunter – Envy On the Coast, 1stVows (Los Angeles, CA)

I brought Pat my 335 after a few disappointing setups from other guys here in LA. I didn’t even articulate what I wanted, because he just gets it. My 335 felt great and it didn’t need any work throughout the tour. On top of that, I have a strat that I only use in my studio. To me, it lacks that special something that some of my other guitars have, but it serves its purpose. But after Pat set it up, I couldn’t put it down for days.