While being home from tour, believe it or not I am doing the same thing that I would be doing on the road and that’s tinkering with guitars. If you live in the Los Angeles (or surrounding areas) and need some work done on your instrument(s) feel free to shoot me over an email or go to my contact page and get in touch with me. My shop is mobile as well so if needed I can come to you in cases of dire emergencies.Here is some basic information on what I am capable of doing, along with pricing. Some circumstances may vary in price depending on the condition of the instrument.

Here are some testimonials as well from some of my clients.

  • Bench Rate: $60/hr
  • Restring and tune: $20
  • Mini Service (Polish frets, oil fingerboard, tighten and lubricate tuners, clean. Restring and tune): $40
  • Basic acoustic or electric setup:  $85 (Add $25 for Floyd or other tremolo’s)
  • Tuning machine replacement: $45
  • Bone Nut:  $90
  • Level and crown, partial (Includes re-cutting nut slots as needed): $75
  • Level and Crown, complete (Includes recutting nut slots as needed): $130
  • File and reshape fret ends (includes light fret polish): $50
  • Solid body electronics service/replace single component (Includes cleaning and lubricating pots and switches, tightening switch or jack contacts as needed): $45+
  • Hollow or semi hollow body electronics service  (As above) $75+
  • Install new wiring harness, solid body: $85
  • Install new wiring harness, hollow or semi hollow: $120

Some photos of previous work that I have done at home and while on tour.