What we have here is a very unique piece from the lawsuit era of Ibanez Guitars (circa 1974). This guitar is based off of a Gibson SG Deluxe from around 1970-71 time period. Ibanez did not make very many of these guitars, especially with p90’s and a bigsby style vibrato. This is one of the few that I have seen in this configuration.

This guitar is in great shape. There are a few minor wear marks on the guitar from playing. It’s definitely not in collectors condition but I don’t think anyone is really looking to collect these in mint condition. There is some light buckle wear on the back of the guitar, few chips in the paint on the top of the headstock, and a chip taken out on the front of the guitar in the middle of both pickups (see photos).

It’s a great playing and sounding guitar, and is mostly in it’s original condition. The neck is bolt on and the only thing that I have done to this guitar is upgrade the tuners to Hipshot locking tuners for better tuning stability. All of the electronics and pickups are original and these p90’s sound very crisp!

The guitar has recently been setup and serviced by myself and plays wonderfully with no buzzing issues or dead frets. There are still a lot of life left in the frets as well.

I am including a gig bag (bag has neck rest) with this piece. Message me with any other questions or concerns.