This is a Rickenbacker TR7 solid state guitar amp made in Santa Ana, California in 1979. This amp has been fully cleaned by yours truly.  When I got it there were sharpie markings all over the front control panel. I polished that up and while doing so decided to give the entire insides a deep cleaning. I won’t saw what creepy, crawling creatures that I found inside but it was alarming.

This has an upgraded Fender “Jensen” style speaker. For extra loudness, the back panel is missing! This amp works great and sounds even better! It has probably one of the most unique tremolo sounds that I have ever heard. I don’t think it compares to anything. The one modification that I would recommend is giving this small box amp a new power chord and three prong connection for the ground.

The TR7 is going for $175 shipped and is for sale on my Reverb site.