The idea behind this really came from just having a lot of spare time and energy focusing on guitar gear. I would spend hours each day paruzing craigslist for deals, reading articles about the different versions of every big muff pedals, and watching endless hours of demo videos on youtube until my ears didn’t even know what they were hearing anymore. So with that I decided to focus my attention for creating an outlet to share knowledge and to learn more about this vast world of guitar equipment. I wanted to sit down and talk with people about the tools that they use to craft their sound.

If you have questions, or topics that you would like me to discuss on the show send them to my email and I will try my best to record them for future episodes.

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Pat talks with Dan Rose of Elder Brother about his new record, guitar tones, recording with Chris Conley, seeing Ryan Adams three times in one weekend, and recent gear acquisitions.


Pat demos two chorus pedals, a vintage Boss CE-2 and a Mr.Black Vintage Chorus LTD. Do you consider yourself a chorus connoisseur or are you new to the sounds of chorus? Don’t know if it will make the cut to your never-ending pedalboard? How could these two seemingly similar pedals sound different? Well, these questions will all be answered on this weeks episode of Crossed Wires.

Pat talks with Will Levy of The Story So Far about gear acquisitions, working at Billy Joe’s guitar shop in Oakland California, Evertune bridges, Marshall clones, and visiting the Gibson showroom in NYC.

Pat talks with Brooklyn based pedal builder Tom Kogut of TOMKAT pedals about breakfast smoothies, the bachelor, participating in his first NAMM show, how he got started making pedals, designing unique and artistic circuit boards, builder inspiration, and what frequencies we’re not hearing.

Pat answers listener questions and demos a TOMKAT Violet Muffer fuzz pedal during the second half of this show. A Gibson Les Paul Standard (not a studio as he mentioned on the show), Partscaster, and Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster were all plugged straight into a ’68 Fender Princeton Reissue. No gear was harmed during the process of this recording.

Pat talks with Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne of the band Envy On The Coast about when they first noticed guitar tone, their guitar gear over the years, getting thrown into doing big tours at the beginning of their career, and working on their own individual side projects.

Pat talks with Eric and Ricky of the band Foxing about recording their most recent album “Dealer”, working together as a band on their music video, dealing with the overwhelming situation of having their gear stolen one night in Austin, Texas, as well as diving into how they get their unique guitar sounds.

Pat talks with Ben Walsh of Tiger Jaw while in Berlin, Germany about his introduction to music, growing up in Scranton, Pa and the influence of local bands such as the Swims and Okay Paddy, Les Pauls, and delicious Belgium waffles.