The only goal here is to connect with great people about music and guitar equipment. Bringing you conversations with musicians, builders, technicians, collectors, and your everyday gear nerd on a somewhat regular but also irregular basis. Peruse this blog for more interviews, gear reviews, demos, and articles about some of your favorite tone recipes!

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Reverb.com – It’s safe to say that I am a geared. I buy and sell a lot of it as well and this is the best platform to shop for new,used, ad vintage gear as well as selling. If you don’t know by now then now you know. Sign up today!

The Strange Nerve Podcast – My friend Taylor Madison’s great podcast where he interviews really cool people. I did one with him and you can listen here.

Tigers Jaw – I’m currently playing with TJ and could not be more thrilled. Come out to a show and say Hi!

Mike & Mikes Guitar Bar – easily one of my favorite shops/blogs out there today. I have gained some influence from reading their posts and following what they have been doing over the years. Follow them and if you’re ever in the Seattle area, stop by their shop its INCREDIBLE!

Nash Guitars – None better than Nash when it comes to Fender style relics. I want everything they ever make but that just wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

Tym Guitars – Another one of my favorite shops, however this one is from DOWN UNDER. If you’re ever in Australia I cannot recommend Tym enough. And if you never go at least follow his instagram account and like all of the cool gear and pedals that he makes.

Earthquaker Devices – I think you know already just how great this company is, so buy their pedals!

Legal Speed Coffee Supply – great friends making great coffee, get your supply now!