My love for guitar gear dates back to when I first started playing the guitar as a kid. I remember getting guitar magazines as a kid and flipping through each page In awe of the many different guitars styles of guitars that I was seeing. I would then go to my catalogues and circle everything that I wanted, building my “dream rig”. As you could probably imagine by now, not much has changed about that 10 year old kid on the toilet circling Les Paul Customs in Musicians Friend.

This podcast came about due to the fact that I just never stopped talking about gear with people. With me it was something that I could talk about comfortably. As this grew over time I realized what worked and what did not work on the show. The idea to demo pedals, guitars, and amps became more feasable. To me the world of gear demos on Youtube is very overwhelming and often times bland sounding. I wanted people to tune into this show and hear something that they might not have ever heard before, or would never think to search for on the internet. And along the way I can mix in interviews with friends, colleagues, and anyone involved in the gear community.

I was born in the late 80’s  in upstate New York. I grew to love wrestling and playing the guitar all at a very young age. Yada yada yada I started touring, playing guitar for some bands, worked for even more bands/artists and currently reside in Los Angeles fixing guitars, and recording this podcast.

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