Gibson has announced a new color scheme for their 2017 Les Paul Standard. You would think that a brand new guitar with a hefty price tag of $4,799 would be promoted as such, however that is not the case if you go on the Gibson website. 

Let’s take a look…



You can see the chip on the backside of the guitar, opposite the control cavity. If you ask me this is pretty low of Gibson to do and their quality standards have been like this for some time now. But you you wouldn’t think that they would promote a damaged guitar as being new on their own website. Unless, they’re starting to get into the world of relics, but I highly doubt that.

The website has since been updated, but I doubt that they took pictures of a different guitar. It appears that they just brushed it over in photoshop.

With that all I have to say is, what the heck are y’all doing over there Gibson?


Written by Pat Benson

Guitar tech, podcaster, currently playing guitar for Tigers Jaw. Go to for upcoming tour dates! Twitter: @pat_benson | IG: @patbenson

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