Walrus Audio Unveils the Monument Harmonic Tremolo

Walrus Audio is having one heck of a year with new releases and limited runs. Finally they have decided to dive deep into the world of harmonic tremolos. Yes, you’re reading that right…HARMONIC TREMOLO. Wow, lets dive deeper into the pedal and see what the Walrus had to say about this beautiful piece of tapping tremolo.

Hot on the heels of what might be Walrus Audio’s most exciting overdrive release to date of the Warhorn, as well as some very unique limited-edition releases, Walrus isn’t slowing down with the highly anticipated release of the Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo.

Inspired by the beautifully jagged, red-sand desert landscape of Monument Valley, the Monument Tap Tremolo is both a harmonic, and standard tremolo that produces a rich, luscious, warm pulsating modulation capable of peaks and valleys as smooth or as jagged as the real ones that our dear mother nature created long ago.

The Monument is rich with standard features that musicians expect like Rate and Depth control, but Walrus has included a couple new features to help the new tremolo pulse even brighter. Throwing the pedal into Harmonic mode enables a style of tremolo that harkens back to the old Fender Brownface amps. In Harmonic mode, a low-pass and high-pass version of your guitar signal are modulated opposite of each other, or 180o out of phase (high and low frequencies rise and fall opposite of each other). The result is a warm, almost “chewy” tremolo. Standard mode modulates both frequencies together giving the traditional tremolo sound. The Wave Shape knob offers Sine, Square, Ramp, Lumps, and also has a “Monument Mode,” or random setting that gives the user a randomly generated LFO pattern each time its engaged. Finally, the Monument gives the user a momentary bypass feature.

By pressing and holding the bypass switch from the off position, the pedal will temporarily activate whatever setting the controls are set to giving the player a unique moment of texture, until they let off the bypass switch. If continuous tremolo is desired, simply click the bypass switch. Step on it to engage the effect, and step on it again to disengage.

The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 4.67” x 3.68” x 1.547”. Power requirements are 9VDC (250mA minimum).

The Monument comes in a subtly textured gloss copper finish with black and off white ink. Artwork features the skyline of the Monument Valley and a lone wolf howling while making a journey across the red-sand desert region.

Walrus Audio is offering The Monument for a retail price of $249 and is available for pre-order starting April 11th at http://www.walrusaudio.com and will soon be available with our authorized dealers.

Official release date is targeted for April 18th, 2017.

For more information:
Walrus Audio

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