Track By Track: Ryan Adams – Prisoner

Wait somebody pinch me, does Ryan Adams have a new record out? Oh why yes he does and its pretty…pretty…pretty good! I was excited for this record to come out as I always am when he announces new music. However I didn’t really follow up with everything prior to the release of this record as I did in the past. I only listened to the first single Do You Still Love Me? and after hearing that I didn’t want to spoil the rest of the record as I tend to enjoy listening to records from start to finish. Ya know like how they’re meant to be enjoyed.

2014’s self titled record had a big impact on me when it came out. This is going to sound as corny as it does but that record acted more as a soundtrack for what was going on in my life at the time. It was the perfect record at the right time and was easy for me to get lost in, but could still dig deep into my ever so sad bones. Let it be known that I am not that sad anymore, just an emotional guy (scorpio).

Needless to say I wanted to give this record some time to sink in and not just dive right headfirst as soon as the record streamed on NPR. At first listen I said to myself ‘Yea this is a Ryan Adams record”. It’s safe in a good way, and a little different from the last. More stripped down and full of vibe for lack of a better term. Only a couple of songs stood out to me, the opening track that I had already listened to repeatedly followed by Shiver and Shake, and Anything I Say To You Now. But as I continued to dig deeper, the entire record grew on me as most tend to do. It’s safe to say that I like this record, but it doesn’t have the same effect on me as the last one did and that’s okay, nothing wrong with that.

I have to be honest with you and tell you that I don’t read many album reviews, nor do I care to really. I don’t consider myself reviewing this record. I am more or less just expressing my thoughts about it and its a record that I am excited to listen to and share my thoughts on the matter. I feel like you either like Ryan Adams music or you don’t and I get that. I’m somebody that enjoys his entire catalogue and nerd out over what he does like most of his fans. So obviously I’m going to do a track by track dissection, so here we go party people with first up to bat…

Do You Still Love Me?

A rocking tune with a rocking good hook. Theres no better feeling then when that guitar solo kicks in at 2:40. What a tasty little number.


Starts out with some Marr influenced guitar tones and ends with some harmonica, ya gotta love that people.


Starting right where the harmonica left off on the last one we have DOOMSDAY!

Haunted House

Not my favorite track, but I dig the verses.

Shiver And Shake

Yea…. this is what I like, a real heavy song that’s probably about a bad breakup. Count me in.

To Be Without You

Sounds like a Heartbreaker b-side, I dig.

Anything I Say To You Now

My favorite track. Love the guitar tone, you really can’t deny the great sounds of chorus and vibrato.


Not the Tom Petty song, or is it?

Outbound Train

Sounds like Nebraska.

Broken Anyway

A feel good tune about something being broken the whole time. Love when the whole band kicks in.


Yes, this song is great. Features a saxophone solo, come on now.

We Disappear

Some cool over compressed guitar tones and more Bruce vocal stylings.

Alright, and that about does it for me reviewing albums. Hopefully I’ll never make a stupid post like this again or at least until the next Ryan Adams record is released. Who paid $200 for the box set? I didn’t. Alright, see y’all next time!

Here is a neat four part interview for The Great Songwriters.

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