Fuzzrocious Pedals Introduces the Greyfly

It’s summertime and two companies have teamed up to breed a swarm of noisemakers to the effects world.

Greyfly combines Electro-Faustus’ Blackfly spring-activated noise generator with Fuzzrocious’ Grey Stache fuzz. The pedal can be used as a standalone effect from each company or combined to elevate one’s noise and musical horizons.


Three springs that can be plucked, scraped, and twanged picked up by piezo mic or driving a Grey Stache fuzz circuit Handmade by Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus Bypass and combine either effect (Grey Stache can still be used with instrument input) Versatile fuzz circuit with adjustable mids to keep on present in a mix Greyfly will be $300 and available directly from Fuzzrocious and Electro-Faustus.

Watch the video demo:

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