#2: Eric Hudson & Ricky Sampson of Foxing

I had the chance to catch up with Eric and Ricky of the band Foxing while they were here in town last month on their recent headlining tour. We sat down in their van before the show and discussed their most recent album Dealer, what it was like tracking the record, the making of their new music video for Night Channels, overcoming the anxiety with being robbed of all their gear, and what they have obtained since losing everything. Their guitar playing is very intricate, with a lot of layers and tones happening underneath. It’s easy to assume that Ricky and Eric use a lot of pedals to create a landscape of varying tones, and they do indeed. With their Fender single coils into an array of delays, reverbs, fuzzes, synths and modulated trickery, they are no strangers to creating unique guitar sounds.

When we toured together they had a minimal setup due to traveling overseas (and the loss of their gear). It was good to see what they actually use live. I snapped some photos from their soundcheck and was able to capture most of what they were using. Not pictured is Emma’s keyboard rig and Eric’s Fender Twin Reverb (which I’m sure you know what that looks like). If you have never seen this band live before, I highly recommend doing so.

The song featured in this episode is Night Channels off of their most recent album, Dealer. You can stream the album on Spotify or purchase the record directly from them on their Bandcamp page.

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Below is Pat Metheny using an orchestra of robots to noodle all over his guitar, enjoy(?).

Oh yea, and in case you forgot to do your daily workout…

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