TOMKAT Pedals Day Dreamer Echo-Reverb

The Day Dreamer is TOMKAT's first venture into time based effects and offers both delay and reverb in a small package with simple, interactive controls. Features a basic digital delay with minimal filtering on the repeats to keep things loud and washy with up to 600ms of delay time. The reverb is a bright, and [...]

Pedals And Effects: 100 Pedals

The guys at Pedals And Effects have done it again. This time hooking up 100 Pedals in an attempt to get somewhat of a usable sound out of them. What they get is pretty... interesting. If you can sit through this entire video than you are a true pedal nerd. Check back on their site from [...]

#1: Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw

Pat talks with Ben Walsh of Tiger Jaw while in Berlin, Germany about his introduction to music, growing up in Scranton, Pa and the influence of local bands such as the Swims and Okay Paddy, Les Pauls, and delicious Belgium waffles. -> All music on this episode by Tigers Jaw from the record "Charmer" released [...]