Three New Earthquaker Devices That I Am Most Excited About

Well, Namm ’16 came and went as most of you probably know. I would go ahead and say that it’s next to impossible for you not to have at least on post on Instagram or twitter of from the event this past weekend. Unfortunately, I was not there this year. Why I didn’t plan on going out to the event and to also get out of this miserable January weather is beyond me. But hey, I won’t be bitter about it because it was still cool to experience all of the chaos via the internet.

Earthquake is easily on of my favorite companies going right now. I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only one because I believe they won Best In Show overall. They released eight new devices AND a 25watt Amp that is still in prototype, set to be released periodically throughout the year.

Below is some more information on the three that I am most excited about. Whats better than two DOD Overdrives in one, a crank Sunn Model T, and Tape Delay/Reverb?

f377d562-5a68-423a-bcad-97b8c8689536Gray Channel
Dynamic Dirt Doubler

Ship Date: March 2016
MAP: $195.00 USD

The Gray Channel is a real “twofer” of an overdrive. It is based around a classic hard-clipping gray box overdrive (subtle hint, huh), one of my all-time favorites. Coincidentally, this is the very same pedal that got me started building pedals and launched EQD. It is two channels of a simple hard clipping overdrive that leaves the character of the guitar and amp intact.

The Gray Channel retains the classic warm overdrive sound and expands upon it with several clipping options and bigger bass response. Each channel has 3 clipping modes. The Green channel- “Si” (Silicon clipping diodes), “Ge” (Germanium clipping diodes) and “N” (no clipping diodes). The “Si” mode will be bright/loud/fuzzy and has a natural tube type break up. “Ge” mode is a little looser with more lows and warmth and less output. “N” mode acts as a clean boost until you hit roughly 1 o’clock on the gain, at which point it’ll start to saturate the op amp into a biting, loud distortion. Phew! Still with me? Cool, onto the modes of the Red channel. Here, you’ve got “LED” (LED clipping diodes), “FET” (Mosfet clipping diodes) and “N” (again, no clipping diodes). “LED” mode is the loudest, cleanest and most touch sensitive/least compressed. “Mos” mode is the most compressed with a tighter crunch; the biggest hesher of the group. And finally, the “N” mode is the same clean to crazy loud op amp distortion set-up as the Green channel. With a couple of switch clicks you can go from your bypassed tone to warm break up to over-the-top gnarly grind and any/every combination in between.

With more and more drive pedals moving onto already crowded pedal boards, having the Gray Channel dual overdrive is like, totally crucial for sonic growth and sustain. Join the fight to stop pedal board overcrowding, because before we can overdrive tomorrow, we must first drive today… or something. Each Gray Channel is built one at a time, part by gorgeous part at a former automotive paint factory by a bunch of smokestacks on a dead end street in Akron, Ohio.

29af4201-cfb4-4c7d-bc22-2b36ed68680bAcapulco Gold
Poweramp Distortion

Ship Date: April 2016
MAP: $117.00 USD

The Acapulco Gold was originally intended to be a limited release but, due to demand, we have decided to give it a face lift and add it to our permanent line up!

You know what’s awesome? Simplicity. One button, one knob. How loud would you like it? Just move the knob. The Acapulco Gold is an original power-amp distortion circuit that’s based on the sound of a cranked Sunn Model T. This is the spirit of rock and roll. Quit turning knobs and play that guitar like you mean it. With a dirt sound this good, any one second spent bending down and fiddling with knobs is one second too much. This is why the Acapulco Gold has one gigantic knob; move the thing and it gets louder or quieter. While playing, don’t forget to fiddle with your guitar’s volume and tone knobs, these can drastically affect the sound of the Acapulco Gold. The volume knob, especially, cleans the pedal up pretty well; not completely, this ain’t your daddy’s Fuzz Face. At minimum guitar-volume settings, the Gold imparts a hazy Nashville-sounding spank to your tone. At just-barely-backed-off, the Gold turns into a raunchy overdrive. Of course, when the guitar’s knob is fully on, the Gold roars like a Model T on the verge of explosion. It’s not-quite-fuzz, but so close. Each Acapulco Gold is hand-built by totally real people using premium components in Akron, Ohio, where the beer flows like wine.

469cb84c-982e-488d-8dbe-0a1e61013b5dAvalanche Run
Stereo Delay and Reverb

Ship Date: March 2016 Exclusively through through
MAP: $295.00 USD

The Avalanche Run is our first product built on a high powered DSP platform we have been working on for a while now and we couldn’t be more excited! While this may make an appearance at NAMM, it is still in the development process. The Avalanche Run was designed to satisfy all the requests we have received for a stereo and/or tap tempo version of our wildly popular Dispatch Master. While it is a delay and reverb just like the Dispatch Master, the style of delay and reverb is quite different. The delay has more of a tape quality with bucket brigade sensibilities and the reverb is adjustable while having more of a deep, plate-like cavernous tone. Here are a few feature teasers to wet your whistle:

• Reverse delay mode
• Swell delay and reverb mode
• Tap Tempo with subdivisons
• Assignable expression control
• Tails/True Bypass modes
• Sound on sound style looping with adjustable length in tails mode
• Auto oscillation by holding down tap switch

We intend to launch this pedal as a exclusive in late March and give a full scale release to the rest of our wonderful dealer network in July of 2016! Stay tuned for more details.

Check out more from Namm ’16.

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