Do you like Into It. Over It.? Want to know what gear Evan uses? Well, now you know…

What is your current setup? (Guitars, bass, amps, pedals, strings, picks, etc…)

Depends on which band we are talking about! For IIOI / SAOTW, I use two custom “Telecaster” guitars through a modded Sovtek Mig100 and ported Ampeg V2 guitar cab. There is a similar setup for Josh who also plays in IIOI, with a Sovtek Mig100B and second ported V2. I only use a tuner. These are setups that are unique but sound outrageous. I like having something one of a kind and weird. Not to mention symmetrical to either side of the stage.

For Pet Symmetry & Their / They’re / There (in which I play bass) it’s an American Fender P-Bass Plus through a Fender Bassman 1200 (formally the Sunn 1200S only with the fixed heat sink) and a classic Ampeg 8×10. Boss TU-2 and a Fuzzrocious Mailorder Muff (which mine was actually the first one ever made).

What piece of your rig could you not live without?

Those custom built guitars and Sovteks. They are perfect to my ideal specs, built custom for me. The heads were both rehoused by Emperor (from Chicago) and look beautiful. Truly one of a kind. I’ll never use anything else.

Any interesting story behind a certain piece? Either with how you got it, where it is from, etc…

One of the tele’s that I own was built and toured on by my first guitar teacher. He used it all over the world in his band Smash Palace (which was signed to Epic in the 80’s). He was using it less and less when he has started teaching. He wound up selling it to my mom for $150 bucks and later she gave it to me. It’s been a part of almost every show/record I have been a part of since. He has since tried buying it back to which I cannot make a deal. Haha.

How long have you been playing?

Guitar and bass since the age of 10. Bass more formally. Guitar I taught myself.

Any musical training?

Took bass lessons through most of my young adult life. Played the upright bass as well through high school and some of my early twenties. The bass often gets disrespected. I have had much more fun honing my craft with that instrument.

Who/what are your influences?

My friends, my environment, my mood. Also, forever on the quest for a balance between loud and clarity.

Do you prefer recording or playing live?

Recording. Always. The creative process is my favorite process.

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