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My love for guitar gear grew at roughly the same time as it did playing the guitar. I remember getting guitar magazines as a kid and drooling over the guitars that some of my favorite players were using. I would then go to my catalogues and circle everything that I wanted to build my “dream rig”. As you could probably guess, nothing has changed.

Crossed Wires came about due to the fact that I just never stopped talking about gear with people. With me it was something that I could talk to people about comfortably and confidently. When I had the idea to do a podcast I thought of no other focal point, I knew it had to be about my passion and I wanted to bring others on the show to share that passion.

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Tigers Jaw Spin Tour Photo Gallery

Tuesday June 27, 2017 

Well, another tour has came and gone for me. The more I get older the more these things start to feel like years of my life rather than just six weeks. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but let us focus on the positives, shall we? I can confidently say that in my 10 years of touring, this was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever encountered and with such wonderful people. If you follow the band on social media you probably have seen some of the shenanigans we have embarked on in these last six weeks on the road.

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I was born in the very late 80’s and raised in Upstate New York. I started taking piano lessons at at eight and by age ten I was taking up guitar lessons. Endless practice ensued and with that a love for the instruments themselves.

I moved to New York City in 2011 and joined Polar Bear Club in 2012. Did that for a couple of years and tracked on the album Death Chorus. Since then I’ve worked and continue to work for several bands/artists touring as a guitar and backline tech. I’m currently playing for Tigers Jaw while residing in Los Angeles, Ca.

I produce another podcast called “What’s In Your Ear” with Luke Schwartz about what music people are listening to. Check out new episodes every Tuesday!

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On The Bench

While I’m home from tour I am usually relaxing, hiking, hanging with my lady and dog, and drinking a lot of coffee. While I am not doing those things I am usually tinkering with guitars, doing setups, and plugging in all of my gear at once to see what sort of ridiculous sounds I can come up with.

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