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Guitar Repair Client Testimonials

  • Pat is a tone wizard who will show your guitar the same amount of care and attention as any of his own. He is constantly determined to get a guitar sounding and playing the best it possibly can. My guitars always play so smoothly and comfortably when he sets them up. He has also swapped out pickups on a few of my guitars, and always has great recommendations for getting the tones I want.
    Benjamin Walsh – Tigers Jaw (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pat worked on my Fender Stratocaster and made it into an absolute work-horse. I've never played a faster neck! He's an absolute pleasure to work with, does a fantastic job, very meticulous and detail-oriented. Really, best set-up I've ever gotten.
    Dominick D’Agostino – King Neptune (Long Island, NY)
  • Dealing with Pat was incredible. Usually when I get my bass back from a setup there is something still wrong or it doesn't feel right... not with Pat. I got my 07 American Fender P bass back and it never felt this good. His care/service for the instrument was 10/10. I'll definitely try to get my basses set up when he is in the area!
    Mike DiVittorio – The Walking Tree (Long Island, NY)
  • I brought Pat my 335 after a few disappointing setups from other guys here in LA. I didn't even articulate what I wanted, because he just gets it. My 335 felt great and it didn't need any work throughout the tour. On top of that, I have a strat that I only use in my studio. To me, it lacks that special something that some of my other guitars have, but it serves its purpose. But after Pat set it up, I couldn't put it down for days.
    Ryan Hunter – Envy On the Coast, 1stVows (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Pat is a wizard! I always love getting a guitar back from him and immediately feeling comfy and relaxed. He's my go-to guy for sure.
    Isaac Bolivar – Banks, Seal (Los Angeles, CA)